How can i cool down my gpu?

Hey guys, im running x2 ati 5770s and im having trouble getting there tempature down when im gaming. when playing crysis im getting up to about 95, starcraft 2 about 89, and World of warcraft about 85. This is with the fan speed at 100% through CCC. IM pretty convinved I need to install some sort of gpu cooler but I dont know what or how i would even go about installing one. Also how much damage can i cause by playing crysis at 95? it runs fine im just worried about the temp so i dont play it. I know these cards are meant to handle up to 100 but it still worries me.
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  1. You may have an airflow problem, 5770s generally run fairly cool.

    What case do you have? Where are the fans located? Is there a place for a side fan to pull air down to the 5770s?

    Do your 5770s have egg-coolers or sleeves that force the air out the back?
  2. this is the pc I have right now. I assume the airflow is good but look at the pictures for me and tell me what you think.
  3. Try running it with the side panel off. If that helps the temps then you probably have an airflow problem. A side fan over the GPUs pulling cold air in might help alot.

    Does that case have a front fan?

    I dont like the CPU cooler as it churns hot air around right above the GPUs. A tower cooler with the fan blowing backward and out through the back fan might help.

    Do you have it sitting somewhere with at least 3-5 inches of between the back and sides and any walls/desks?

    Have you ever cleaned the fins on the GPU coolers or at least blown the dust out with canned air?
  4. that case doesn't look very airflow friendly...

    with a crossfire setup you do need plenty of fans, how many are in it? are they 80mm or 120mm?

    you could always just replace them with high airflow fans, but that depends on how good the existing fans are.
  5. Ok so i tryed pulling it out of my computer desk seeing as it is kinda confined and than i pulled the side panel off. It seemed to be running a lot cooler. It was peaking about 83 while playing crysis. Im not entirely sure if that would have gone up if i keep playing. i than keep it out of the my desk but put the side panel back and it got all the way up to 91 and than after putting it back in the desk it stayed mostly the same maybe a bit hotter.

    Also to answer your question. Yes it has a front fan and no i have not dusted it with canned air, but ive only had it for 2 weeks.

    Im not enitrely convinced its my case but it seems to point in that direction for sure. So where do i go form here? and if its at 91 is it bad to be running it at that?
  6. Since pulling the side panel off made a difference in the temperature, you know that the airflow in your case is obviously not optimal. Try routing wires so that they are nicely bundled and off to the side so they arent blocking the airflow too much. You also might want to swap your fans for a couple of higher CFM scythe fans to get more air moving faster so it spends less time heating up in the case.
  7. wait, are you saying you only have one fan in the system? and that its an intake?

    that would be the cause of the issue if true, you need to add some exhaust fans to get rid of the hot air inside the case.
  8. Quote:
    Ok so i tryed pulling it out of my computer desk seeing as it is kinda confined and than i pulled the side panel off.

    Be careful that your case is not pushed up against the sides of your desk. I've experienced cases which have been starved of air by being pushed up against the sides of desks.

    You shouldn't have to pull off the side panel. You bought it with a side panel, so use it. It will help keep dust out.

    I would suggest placing a couple of case fans (ex Coolermaster 90CFM 120mm) facing the cards. It keeps the airflow and cools your cards.

    Good luck.
  9. no theres more than one fan. besides the cpu and gpu fans there is a fan in the front and in the back. appears as if the front one is an intake and the back is pushing air out.

    Thats what i was thinking was to add a fan facing the card. would i need 2? i just dont know where i can put them or how to mount them or anything.
  10. Quote:
    Thats what i was thinking was to add a fan facing the card. would i need 2? i just dont know where i can put them or how to mount them or anything.

    Try using 1 at first.

    I used two stuck together with doubled sided tape. You should be able to get STRONG doubled sided tape from a hardware store.

    As for placement, I stuck it to the bottom of the case.

    Crude, but effective. lol

    Good luck.
  11. I also got 5770s in crossfire and 3rd additional intake 120mm fan on the side panel definitely helps, my temps never go above 85 with fan speed on auto. U can mount it using little screws than come with the fan.

  12. Since the side panel off helps, I would next get a side panel fan, mount it on the hole that is most directly above the graphics cards and use it as an intake to get more cool air there. Probably that will be enough.
  13. absolutely, thats what im saying, 3 120mm case fans: 1 intake on the side, 1 intake on the front and 1 exhaust in the back will do the job.
  14. Its nice to hear from a someone with crossfire 5770s i guess my computer just needs another fan. Is it common for crossfire cards to run this hot? do they usually need this much cooling?

    so just to make sure were on the same page. I need to get an intake 120mm fan and mount it onto the holes on my side panel right were the cards are correct?

    and lastly which fan would be a good one to go for? one with a blue light would be nice as it would go with my case haha
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    Yes man i had the same issue when i got my second card, but 3rd fan fixed this problem. And yes u got it totally correct - just mount it next to your cards. Take a look at this fans its actually 2-pack but its a good deal and what is very important these fans r very quiet, they got nice blue LEDs too ;)
  16. Awesome. I will proceed to buy a new fan. My final question is looking at the fan you suggested makes me wonder if 40 cfm is enough. do i need more? or would that just be over doing it?
  17. and also how can i tell if a fan is intake?
  18. It should be enough, if u get faster fan it will be noticeably noisier, i think its just what u need. Any fan can be intake or exhaust, it depends on how u install it.
  19. gotcha. okay thank very much to you and to everyone that helped me with this. you all have been very helpful.
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