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Would I be able to use my SSD(will have win7) and also have my msata caching with my HHD for storage ?

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  1. i dont beleive it can cache just the hdd so with the ssd it would be rather pointless.
  2. Ok, I will use my msata as storage then.

  3. Sell the mSATa SSD and get a larger 2.5 SSD.
  4. I assume that you have 3 drives total a standard sata ssd, a sata hdd and a msata ssd. the answer is yes so long as the caching software allows you to use the entire ssd. Intel smart response has a 64GB limit for caching so the remaining portion can be used to install other things. However you can't have the OS and the caching partition on the same SSD.
  5. I have a 60 or 90 gb msata. For me , I don't think that will be enuff space for win7 and a few more things.

    I could sell the msata, but I'm not sure yet. I don't think I want to take it off my MB to get to it..

    So I want to get a 2.5 ssd for windows. I'm think 128-350 gb.

    And HDD for storage or if I do sell the msata, then get a hybrid HDD

    A other question...

    Is a caching msata faster then a hybrid HDD???
  6. Short answer yes. Caching to a ssd would be faster then a hybrid drive. if i remember right the seagate hybrids only have 4 or 8 GB for caching. If you run a lot of different programs or games then the cache will just not be enough. Again Intel SRT allows for up to 64GB of cache.

    How many and what type of drives do you have now? If you do have 3 drives (2 ssd and 1 hdd) then I would set it up like this.

    Windows on the msata. Windows only need 40. Plenty of room on a 64 or 90GB. Make sure to delete hybernation files and manually set your virtual ram especially if you have 8 or more gigs of ram

    All games and programs on the hdd.

    Split the ssd into 2 partitions 20GBs for caching and the rest for your largest or most used games/programs.

    This should give you ssd perfomance for everything you do without the need for new drives
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