Dell Optiplex 755 (Midtower) E7300 Core 2 can I upgrade to Q9300?

My work PC is too slow for the programs I run. I do Computer Aided Design and use Solidworks, Auto Cad and the multitude of other programs. I got the okay for an upgrade but it has to be pretty cheap. I found a Q9300 for just over $100.00 and was wondering if if I can switch these CPU's with no issues. I plan on making sure my BIOS is up to date before installation. Any foreseeable issues with this upgrade?
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  1. From this resource, it appears you should be good with the Q6600, Q9450, and Q9550, and Q9650. The Q9300 should be fine also, but not 100% positive. I would be concerned about the small power supply if upgrading the CPU and other components. 280W - 300W is what they reference...

    Q6600 => $84 shipped on Newegg.
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