Re-installed Win 7 Pro to SSD...RAID Volume "Access is denied."


Wasn't sure where to ask this but I have a hunch this may be the right forum to start.

Recently my Crucial M4 SSD died and I was sent a warranty replacement.

I successfully installed Win 7 to the replacement SSD but now I can't access my "Main" RAID" volume where I stored all my apps and data.

I have 2 1.5 Tbyte Caviar Blacks in RAID 0.

Under disk management it shows "Disk 1" as basic disk online and the two partitions, "Main E:" and "Secure F:," are both indicated as healthy.

I can access "Secure F:" but when I try to get into "Main E:" I get "E:\ is not accessible, access is denied."

It looks like I have all the permissions set properly to access the partition but no dice. I have all my data there. I also have a backup image on the "Secure F:" partition but when I ran Win 7 Setup it wouldn't let me point to/ find that image for some reason.

At the moment I'm copying the image over to a USB 2.0 Lacie and maybe I'll be able to launch a restore from there.

I'd like to get a little more technical input from here before I begin because I would like to access the "Main E:" partition and back it up just in case I end up having to blow away the box and start from scratch...

Thank you for any help, input, ideas, etc..
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  1. raid drivers installed?
  2. popatim said:
    raid drivers installed?

    Yup, but it doesn't seem that BIOS is seeing the disks...
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