is it bettr 2 have a crossfire motherboard??? if so,then y????????
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  1. The only reason to get a crossfire motherboard is if you plan on purchasing 2 video cards. The price increase over a single x16 slot MB is fairly small $20 or so, so if you plan on getting another video card at some point in the near future it may be worth it. If you end up getting a crossfire capable motherboard just make sure its x8/x8 instead of x16/x4.
  2. thans 4 helping me.......but still i have 1 doubt.........wich is betr a single 2gb graphics card or 2 1gb graphics card at crossfire
  3. Which cards? If you are talking about the 6950 1gb version version the 2gb version then 2 6950 1gb for sure. If you are talking about 2 different card types like say a 5770 and a 6970 then that's a different story. If you are trying to figure out which card to pick figure out your budget and find the right card in this article.,2997.html
  4. radeon hd 6770 is amd version whereas radeon hd 5770 is ati wich 1 is betr 4 gaming??????
  5. They are the same card, so whichever is cheaper. They are made by the same company. AMD bought ATI a while ago and got rid of the ATI brand with the 6000 series.
  6. please suggest wich 1 is betr gaming grafix configuration - 2 gb ddr3 grafix card or 1 gb gddr5 grafix card??????
    or if u hav sum betr idea,plz suggest................
  7. Tell me the names of the cards. 2 gb DDR3 and 1 GB DDR5 don't tell me anything about the cards. There are too many in the market. HD 6570 or GT430 something like that please.
  8. Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5 ATI PCI E Graphic Cards OR Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5 ATI PCI E Graphic Cards
  9. The crossfire DDR3 5670s will work much faster than a single DDR5 5670. If you are looking at spending that much money on graphics I would suggest the Radeon HD 5770 though. It has a lower TDP than the crossfire setup, is $20 cheaper, and will have about the same performance in games. If the game isn't optomized for crossfire the 5770 will run much faster than the crossfire setup.
  10. If i dont go for crossfire and go for a single grafix card............then wich of the followng will b betr????
    Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5 or Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 2GB DDR3.........
  11. Whichever is cheaper. There is like a 1-2% difference in performance between them.
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