Gigabyte ga-z68a-d3-b3

So i'm upgrading my mobo and CPU and using the old for a htpc
I need some advice on which mobo. I saw the gigabyte ga-z68a-d3-b3 On newegg for $100 and it seemed a steal compared to similarly priced ones. Except that it doesn't have virtu. Also, does it support quicsync and is that a big deal?

Any advice or comments are welcome.

Other specs:
Antec 300
Thermaltake tr2 600w
Radeon 5750

Planning to buy:
I5 2500k
8gb ddr3 1333

I do a fair amount of heavy computing - rendering/raytracing transcoding gaming
I hear quicsync speeds up transcoding, but does it work with Amy free transcoders? Handbrake...
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  1. Or what about the GA-Z68A-D3H-B3?
    I found it on Newegg for not much more, and it has another PCIe slot for crossfire. It supports virtu, so maybe it's a better option altogether.

    Reading about Virtu, it seems that the monitor has to be connected to the Intel IGP for it to work. Is that true?

    And does anyone know how an i5 2500k will perform with a Hyper 212+ cooler?
  2. I bought your board for $80 and the only thing I can find on it is the newegg reviews. I haven't received it yet from amazon but I'm excited about it, its my first build. According to others is doesn't do virtu but that is for people that don't have descrite gfx cards. It is 16/4 pcie so I have been asking around if you can do sli with that. But I don't need it anyway cause I have a strong card now. I just wanted something that will work with ivybridge in a couple years.
  3. Virtu isn't just for those with a card. First of all, it gives major power savings by using integrated gfx when you don't need power. Second of all, it gives access to QuickSync, for which the integrated graphics are required.
  4. the Z68XP support Lucid Virtu, I am using the XP-UD3 at present looking to upgrade to the UD4 well swap out.
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