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Hello all. I have followed the site for years and in fact i closely used it earlier this year to custom build my gaming rig. What brings me here today is just a simple question.

I have a OCZ Tech Vertex 3 as my main windows 7 OS drive nothing elese but system files on it. Every time I boot up since I put the system together I take maybe 20 seconds to go through the bios then it says. "Loading Operating System" then windows loads a second or two later.

My question is if this is normal. My system is a gamers like myself dream machine and there are no more issues. I just wanted to turn to my friends here to see if this was even a issue ?
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  1. depending on what your bios is doing that can be very normal. My raid card bios takes a minute to intialize the drives for example.
  2. Alright. Right prior to it saying loading operating system it says something about the different drives in a list.
  3. Got through your bios options. Sounds like the bios is searching for something that is not there. A second sata controller, that is trying to find drives. that are not attached, is a typical thing. Switch it off. A network boot option is an other thing.
  4. Well going through my bios I see PCH Sara control mode is set to Ahci. Do I want IDE raid(xhd) or leave it Ahci?
  5. Also sata port 0-3 native mode is enabled. Do I disable that?
  6. AHCI is the right one and native mode is okay. Sorry, running out of ideas.
  7. No thanks for the help you provided. I just want to have my rig running as smooth as possible.
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