2 x 460 / 2 x 470 plus 8800GT (Physx)?

Related to this forum entry in New build.

Considering using the old 8800GT that will otherwise go in the bin for Physx.

First question: can it be done.

Reviewing this new article on SLI and trying to pick a mobo, it doesn't seem worthwhile going for X55 if it's just SLI for two cards, at least, and if there are no CPU limitations.

Second question: anyone know how adding this third card would affect performance? Would it actually make things worse?

Third and final: expect I'll need a 1kW supply to support this?

Tanks dooods
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  1. You shouldn't need the 8800gt if you have such a powerful system. the GPUs will have plenty of headroom to calculate Physx in the rare occasions it will be needed.

    If i were you i'd go for the two 460's, which should be fine a decent 650w PSU.
  2. If you go for 470 sli yes + that 8800, you will probably need such a power supply.
    If you plan on going this way, you'll need a 1366 socket with an i7 9xx.
    I'd recommand you the 920 since you can get an after market cooler and the cpu for less than the 960 which is 400$ more than the 920.

    So, get the i7 920+a good 1366 motherboard, 3x2 ddr3 modules. 1600-2000mhz, a good after market cooler, a good case, the 2 gtx 470 and the 1k powersupply.

    Good bye bank account thougth.
  3. Excellent guys thanks ;) 8800GT destined for the bin. I will be sad to see her go.... *sigh*
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