Can't load asrock fatality tuning

hi all,,,
currently i have asrock fatality p67 profesiional...

the problem is : just now the fatality tuning wont work
i have reinstall it but it wont work again....

windows 7 said
access violation at address 004117fc in modul fstu.exe. read of adress 000000

does anyone have an answer to this,,,,,
im quite tired to format the system and reinstall windows 7 again.

thank you all
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  1. Uninstall all of that 'OC' crapware is useless, and in general causes many more problems than it solves. OC a 'K' CPU is beyond easy: CPU 'Ratio' -> increase, vCore -> 1.35v~1.40v max; that's it??!! Prime95 for a few hours and monitor the Temps. Thermal limitations are 5.0~5.3GHz and vCore >1.50 will both damage and cause a thermal limitation unless on N02.

    IF you MUST install it then boot into 'Safe Mode' uninstall & remove the 'fatality tuning' folder in the Program folder, and re-install as "Administrator."
  2. so do you think that the oc crapware generally causes many problems...hell yeah i agree with you,,,,
    i dont need it actually just curious is the problem from my windows 7 driver or from the motherboard itself, thank you so much mate for the help
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    These types of applications are BIOS invasive and Windows typically tries to keep them on a tight leash. I see so many unnecessary problems that I do my best to keep folks away from them and preserve their stability. IF I quit seeing so many problems then at that time I'll change my advice.

    Here's a good post on {Access Violation} ->
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