BSOD when pc is 'cold'

My newly built PC goes BSOD 1 or 2 times during the early 15 minutes or so, but it ran fine hours afterwards. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but this happens every day for the past week.

I got the hyper 212+ with no overclocking yet, so temps shouldn't be a problem. Especially since hours of gaming doesn't crash it.

What could be the cause?
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  1. list of components?

    memory settings in bios, especially low voltage, is a common problem causing lockups.
  2. Case: HAF 912 with 2x200mm and 1x120mm
    CPU: i7-870 stock on CM Hyper 212+
    MB: Asus p7p55de-lx
    RAM: Corsair 2x4GB 1333 1.65v CAS9
    GPU: 1 GB HD5770
    HDD: OCZ Vertex2 SSD 90GB + 2xWD 7200 RPM on RAID 0
    PSU: Antec 650w
    OS: W7 64 bit

    The BIOS is set to all auto, no OC.
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    Bios settings are almost certainly your problem. Your RAM wants 1.65V and I bet your motherboard is only giving them 1.5V by default. Try setting the bios RAM settings manually to match the RAMs specs.
  4. Thanks, you just saved me lots of time. It's been stable ever since I changed the voltage in bios.
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