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I'm in a bit of a predicament, I had an old computer that had a recently purchased HDD in it. (Western Digital Caviar Blue) I took apart the computer to see if I could spare some parts for my upcoming build. The HDD was one of them. The problem is I had windows Xp installed on this HDD and for my upcoming build I'm purchasing Windows 7, I do not know how to wipe the hard drive/delete everything on it.

I can't put the hard drive back in the computer because every component that I wasn't using has been thrown out. Any Solutions?
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  1. when you put it in your new computer you can use the windows seven setup to delete partition. google: windows 7 setup partition deletion. then simply install win 7
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    Put the HDD into your new computer. Boot from the Windows 7 cd. There will be an option before the install to format your old HDD. Format it and re-partition it. Then install windows 7 to the new partition.
  3. Will this delete everything on the HDD? That's what I'm going for.
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