Memory broken , please help !

hey, today my pc would not boot up, it gave very long beeps and the gpu fan was spinning very fast .

So i took out one ram module : then it booted , then i reinserted the other module ,bam , no boot up and same thing .

ram = 2 modules of apacer 2gb ram


slot 1 + ram stick 1 = normal boot up
slot 2 + ram stick 1 = normal boot up

any config involving memstick 2 = no boot up and long beep + fast spinning gpu fan

Is stick 2 broken , By the way i noticed greenish screen flickering in games , when i rebooted after the flickering, this happened .

Any help will do and thank you in advance .

specs :

core 2 quad 2.3
nvidia gt220
4gb ddr2 apacer ram
32 bit vista home premium
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  1. The ram may have a lifetime warranty. Request an rma from apacer on their website, and send it in.
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