Random pc freezing


I have a problem that I have not being able to figure out for a long time now.

First here are my pc specs :
Asus P8P67 mobo
Sapphire 6950 1gb mem
8 gb ddr3 corsair 1600
Therlmaltake 750w

So here is my problem, at first when I put the pc together everything was working fine. I only use this pc for gaming. Now about a month ago I started to notice when i left my pc working over night, downloading files, that it would randomly freeze at some point during the night. I thought this was a just a error, but it started to continue to about everything, when i left it running. Now after a while I started to notice that my pc on booting up would reboot before even the post test and before anything showed up on the screen Next I noticed that i would get sometimes a error saying that overclocking failed, and i need to press F1 to change my settings. Now I have never tried to overclock nor did ever change the bios settings since i built the pc. After that the pc began to freeze during the day as well when i played shogun 2 or rift. It would freeze the screen and the pc would be not responsive unless i did a reboot. It also made a strange machine gun sound on my speakers when it froze. Again all of this would be randomly happening through the week. After a while again i reinstalled my os Windows 7 and reformatted my drive thinking that it might solve the problem. Still the problem continues with same old issues and some new ones i noticed. When i was doing a windows index rating some strange high pitch noise came from the upper area where my cpu is located. I also noticed this happens when i load up shogun 2, but only when the opening cinematic is played during the load up, and not during any other time when i play the game. Lastly it now started to freeze on asus bios loading screen, when i reboot my pc from windows again randomly happening.

So as a summary all of the freezing of pc, the strange machine gun sound when it happens, overclocking error in the beginning, rebooting before the post test, freezing on asus bios screen when rebooting from windows, all of this has been happening randomly, and i cannot reproduce the errors but they will happen as the pc works through the week. Only the high pitch sound during the opening video of shogun 2 is always there.

I cant seem to figure what could be causing this, the pc worked perfectly for 5 months with no errors at all, and then it suddenly started to have these random errors.
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  1. Ok, the obvious things to start diagnosing the problem are

    What are the BIOS settings? What are the running temperatures?

    Besides crashes and hangups, have you had any BSODs? if yes, what were the error codes?

    When was the last time you updated drivers? motherboard and GPU especially?

    Once you answer some of those we can move forward to piecing together what the problem could be.

    High pitched sound from where CPU is probably the CPU fan getting misaligned or motor straining at 100% fan speed.
  2. Lets see

    Bios setting are on default,

    Cpu running at 43 C

    Mobo at 37 C

    Haven't had even a single BSOD

    Constantly update my GPU but have not updated the BIOS of the mobo since I bought it

    Thing about the sound is that its only when the cinematic is going on, I am running RIFT and Shogun 2 on max settings possible and not getting that sound.
  3. I had the same issue a while back. It turned out the PWM fan in the power supply was no longer functioning. I replaced the fan in the powersupply and all was well.
  4. Checked the psu fan and its seems to be working fine.
  5. i updated the motherboard with latest drivers when my computer was freezing.
  6. BIOS setting being on default you might want to double check that RAM voltages/timing/etc is set as specified on RAM sticks, some mobos don't detect them properly.

    ok if sound is temporary, I doubt it's causing your problem, but you might want to open the case up and see exactly where it's coming from when you are starting that game up. Make sure that all the fans that need to be working are actually spinning. Machine gun sound, is just your sound card hanging.

    I'm perplexed at the fact that it just hangs, but there's no BSODs, which would typically indicate a software problem. But then, you reformatted the whole thing, so I don't see how it could be that. Just in case, update all the drivers and BIOS.
  7. Alrighty here is an update

    Did a western digital test on my hardrive passed all tests
    Did a memory test that my windows 7 provides checked all fine
    Did a Asus Pc diagnostic test for everything passed all fine
    Updates once again all my drivers for the everything i could
    And I Updated my BIOS to the latest

    And boot my pc everything work fine, load shogun 2 and sounds comes back again. So i decide to reboot, and i am slammed with 2 freezes at bios and another reboot before post test.
  8. Did you ever sort this?
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