Best Integrated Graphics in a Laptop?

Hi All,

I'm in the market for a new laptop - I'm pretty clear on a lot of the specs I'm looking for (4G RAM, 250-500G HD, Dual-core processor), but graphics is a hang-up because I am a casual World of Warcraft player. With my previous laptop (about 5 years old - don't have the specs handy), I experienced frequent lag, low fps, and lag to the point of being unplayable in raids or highly populated zones.

On my budget, I was hoping to be able to go with integrated graphics, as a dedicated graphics card seems to bump up the price by close to $200.00.

Anyone have an opinion on some integrated laptop graphics that would do well with WoW. Other than that, I'll basically be using it as a home PC - photos, some vids, docs, etc... - pretty basic needs.

Any help is much appreciated, as I'm pretty tech-ignorant. Thanks!
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  1. I think the nvidia 9400m igp will be good for your needs ....or simply you can look out for the cheap laptops from dell that comes with an hd 5470m that will be a great deal for you...
  2. a HD4250/70 would work fine also, sloghtly slower than the 9400M, but still plenty fast and available in more models.
  3. What brand laptop are you looking at? What size screen are you looking for? What is your budget?

    Yeah a dedicated card in a laptop will bump it up at least $200. The AMD onboard HD4250 is pretty good for integrated graphics. Some models toy with other specs so they can get a decent card in there. What is your price range? Were you looking to order online or build from HP or Dell or something?
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