Router choice help required

This is my situation.
I have a PS3, Two laptops (one new using N - one old using G), Desktop connected to a D-Link (DI524) wireless router.

Not that it matters (at least I don't think so) but the older laptop & the desktop are Wintows XP, the newer laptop uses Vista and the PS3... well ps3 software :)

The desktop is wired directly to the router, so is the PS3. The two laptops are wireless. Since I've had to move the router to the basement and the farthest point away (diagonally) from the living room I have noticed a serious decline in performance. Bouncing from 4 bars to 5 on the windows network meter, but the connection response seems very slow. The distance isn't that far, my bungalow is only 25' x 40'.
Searching routers online is ridiculous since everyone seems to hate what is out there, and trying to get a good solid performer is nonexistent.

So the questions.
What would be the fastest? Most reliable? Able to connect a USB storage Device or printers? My questions don't end there. I'm concerned about getting the best connection with my newer laptop (N) while being able to connect the older laptop (G). I've read that connecting a G device with an N device in the same network drags the total speed down. Because of the chance of this I wired my PS3 directly to the router since it's a G device as well.

Am I off track here, will dual band work better than a solid single band performer? Does mixing wired N devised lower the performance for wireless G devices.

I'm looking for guidance, and appreciate any help I can get. Like most users I want the best speed and solid connection for each of the devises on the network.

Thanks ahead of time
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  1. I have a dual band dlink dir 825 , i have 2 desktops,and a laptop on the 2.4 ghz band,and a xbox 360 and wii on the 5 ghz band,it runs flawlessly!

    If this information helps pleas vote best answer!
  2. I've read up on this one. It seems ok and matches some of the requirements I'm looking for. But the reviews are mediocre on distance, and I still have questions about my connections N vs G vs Direct connected.

    Thank you for the reply. I am looking for more details before making a decision.
  3. Have you considered Powerline Networking?
  4. Well, upgrading your router to a brand new one of any quality brand will increase your performance.

    My sister had the same wireless issue as you, low signal strength and poor performance. She also had the EXACT same router as you. It was in the basement like yours, but only closer to her wireless devices.

    So I went out and bought her a new linksys router, a WRT54GL. Not that new but it's better than what she had. After installing it, the reception would not go below 5 bars and the speed stayed maxed out.

    I think if you were to find a new router with all your requirements, than you should be set to go.

    As for the dual band/single band debate, I have no input. None of my wireless devices are using "N" and I haven't really played with it much either. I'm taking computer systems technology in college and haven't heard anything about what you mention about adding a "G" device to a "N" network.
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