Question about PSU cable's.

When it says in the description for this PSU PCI-Express Connector - 1 x 6pin, 1 x 6pin + 2 does this mean it has 2 x 6pin connector's? then one of them has an optional 2pin connector that can also be used, the reason im asking is would i be able to connect that PSU to this Graphics card ?

thanks, Ryan.
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  1. I would not put a Rosewill PSU in anything I cared about. For the same price, I'd get the Corsair and use the 6 pin portion (leave the +2 hanging) of the twin 6+2 pin cables.

    Antec $69
    Corsair $59
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    Yes and yes.
    The 6+2 pin connector is a 6-pin with an additional 2-pin to make it an 8-pin PCI-E.
    You will need both 6-pins for that card, leaving the extra 2-pins hanging to the side.
  3. Alright, so it's not like it has 2 permanent 8 pin PCI-e cables, it just means that it has two 6 pin ones but with the option to have those extra 2 pins plugged in?

    BTW just switched the PSU I had with the corsair, ty for that! :D
  4. Exactly right. Good choices.
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