Mobile 3200+3650 issue

I have this problem, my laptop has 3650 and 3200 working on hybrid crossfire. I mean, it should work like that. The problem is that...well it's more complicated. Right now, I can't run CCC and the only GPU I can see in device manager is the 3200. But! Before CCC became invisible and 3650 was still visible, I simply couldn't switch to it. The drivers still showed the err...whatsitcalled...well simply the console where you switch GPUs (with lame "Power Saving" and "High Performance" buttons), but whatever I clicked on, nothing has happened (and I mean nothing at all, no activity whatsoever).

Just a moment ago I have tried to install mobility 10.6 drivers with some AMD autoupdate thingy. As far as I know, the only thing that changed is that the screen went completely blank. I mean, both displays went off so I had to do the bloody system recovery in emergency mode (hopefully the correct English name for that). Before that I indeed tried to install various version of the drivers with no results (except disappearing of CCC). question is: What's up with that? D:
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  1. It seems like you've messed up with those things...
    Hmm, revert back setting or go back to the date that your laptop is fine with system recovery...
    I hope that would help.
  2. Heh, I would have done that, if there was any point so far back. The only way to fix it I can think of is reinstalling system (hopefully), but I totally don't want to do that since I don't have any storage space to backup them files D:
  3. Just install the windows in the c directory leave all other drives as it is and try move the imp data from c to other drives ...then go for reinstalling...
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