Old HDD, new comp?

This is probably a common question, but I am in need of a specific answer...

I have a new computer with a SSD with 120 GB of storage. It currently only has that one drive.
I have a old 500 GB HD with windows installed along with a lot of important old files.

The questions are:
If i connect the old HD to my new computer, will I be able to use it as storage?
Will the old files remain on it and will I have access to them?
Will the existing windows add any complications on that drive?
Do i have to change the BIOS settings so that the windows boots from the SSD?

If this doesnt work, how else can I access the files from my old HDD?
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  1. hello... yes yes no no

    Plug it in and give it a try... we can get it to work... and we can answer more questions for you...ok?
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