Hearing 3 beeps after installing new ram HELP.

I currently have 2gb of ram and bought another pair of ram(2gb), the thing is when i install the new ram on my computer it keeps making beeps. The new ram only works if i take out my old ram stick. Help please!
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  1. Sounds like the new pair is not compatable with the old stick, assuming you tried all slot placement combinations.
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    Specs of both sets of RAM modules must have been different for this to occur, resulting in this issue, I would advise you to download CPUZ check your older RAM's specs, and get your newer RAM modules replaced with the ones which matches your older modules.
  3. you always have a chance of the 2 sets not being compatible with each other and is why you should never mix 2 different sets of RAM,, most you can do is try to "lower" the new ram specs to the old ram specs or get another set of new RAM to either match the old stuff or the new stuff
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