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Modular PSU-$100-$130

Hello all,
I'm trying to decide on what modular power supply i will be getting for my new system(ordering this before the other parts because power supplies wont have dramatic changes in the next 3 months). The system will have 1 gtx 460 but i WILL buy another for sli, 2 7200rpm drives, 125w oc'd psu, cables long enough/flexible enough for the Antec Skeleton. Ive been looking at some seasonic, corsair, and others but i just can't decide.
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  1. I would recommend the XFX 650w PSU for your setup / needs.
  2. ^good suggestion.. However, your budget will easily allow you to get the 750W model which is what i'll recommend..
  3. thanks for the replies, i was looking at the xfx power supplies as an option too. If 650w is enough for a gtx 460 sli set up, i think id rather spend the extra $ for this seasonic which is gold certified:
  4. 1) 650W is enough for dual 460's

    2) Can not really go wrong with SeaSonic :) It is one of the best out there.

    3) At your budget, you could a little higher in wattage and get one of these for future growth.. 750W Power Supply Review
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    I would definitely recommend that seasonic x650. A top of the line product for a great price. Its like a level or more above the 80+ gold types, especially in efficiency. A comparable quality level product would be Enermax Modu87+ 700 at newegg for $200 with $25 mail in rebate.

    I have looked and looked, there just isn't any other place to get this quality level for such a price. Ultra efficient, fanless operation till you get a pretty sizable load in it, then very quiet at first. Works just as well in higher case temperatures as room temperatures, modular of course.

    Tests show it to get like 143w or so above its rating(probably not as ultra efficient then though). And in the future, you could just get more efficient energy cards and such. I prefer getting more powerful card, rather then duel card, its just so inefficient to SLI.(though I am sure that duel cards will get more efficient in the future)

    Check out one of many glowing reviews on it.
  6. I think what will happen to this computer I'm making is when dx12 and the new windows is out(assuming we dont get another vista and dx12 will make a notable difference), possibly even when ddr4 is out, i will sell the 2 gtx 460s for a new powerfull card. There is a 20% off coupon so even with tax here in california on newegg, i can get the seasonic for $105. I have worked with Corsair before and i know how great they are, but since seasonic makes their powersupplies i dont think my experience will be any less than that of a corsair. Thank you everyone, problem solved :D
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