Need help asap with gtx 465

Just got it today currently was using a 9600 gt and before that a 5770. i put this new gtx 465 in and it runs but all it does it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep then beep beep then nothing. what is going on.
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  1. comon..............
  2. The Card is DOA(Dead on Arrival)

    You sound like a kid...

    Why would you buy a GTX 465...
  3. great a doa card lol woot woot just smashed it against the wall
  4. I hope not. There's a very good chance it was your power supply that was the problem. What are you trying to run that card on?
  5. 550 watt bfg min on card is 550
  6. Send it back. If you can, get your money back and put it into a GTX 460, better performance, runs cooler, runs on less, and its cheaper.
  7. i paid 150 new from tiger for my 465 its rma'd we have a stock holders account so i will have a new one tommrow morning
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