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win98se - creative sound blaster PCI64 - has been disabled by a windows driver - this driver has worked for years no problem - all of a sudden it becomes disabled - which windows driver would disable it and how do I fix this - need it for my keyboard (piano)
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the hardware driver?
  2. beanoslim said:
    Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the hardware driver?

    yes, I have....a number of times to no avail....the driver is from a legit creative site....would windows decide it is not a legit driver and disable it??
  3. Shouldn't do unless you have downloaded something in Windows Update that may effect it.

    Try uninstalling again and running DCPro in safe mode to remove all Realtek drivers then reinstall.
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    congrats on still running 98se and not killing yourself. That's one of the most heinous OSes I've ever used.

    My suggestion would be to try OLDER versions of the driver, to see if anything changes. I've got more than a few bad releases from Creative.
  5. thanks...that worked
  6. I always though 98 a fairly stable OS....until now...and yes creative has always given me problems....not as bad as this one though....I have a number of computers running different son is studying programming and likes to see how all the OS work....thanks again for your time....appreciated
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