Seagate hard drive only recognized sometimes! Please help!

I recently bought a 2tb hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 2tb) I bought it because I filled up my old one (80gb I'm not sure of the brand) My computer is an old one (AMD Athlon 64, nvidia GeForce 8500 gt, 4gb ram) The hard drive was recognized the first time I connected it to my system. Once I turned off my system then turned it back on it was not recognized. I found a temproary solution to the problem, if I turn off my computer, unplug the SATA cables to the hard drive then plug them back in the hard drive is recognized again. But if I turn it off or reset it is no longer recognized. Any help would be awesome :D
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  1. I just recently got a 1 tb seagate drive and it does the EXACT same thing. I have to turn off the computer, unplug the sata, and replug it for it to work. From what I have found, it is a problem with the drive and that is something that you just have to send back to seagate for.
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