Challenge installing ASUS graphics card drivers

Hi Everyone,

I have an ECS motherboard, model GeForce6100SM-M2 (V1.0A), which has built in VGA graphics:

I have physically installed an ASUS EN8400GS Silent graphics card.

The graphics setting on my motherboards BIOS is:

"Enable if No Ext GPU", which is the closest I can get to turning the onboard GPU "off".

The motherboard is not recognizing that a graphics card is installed at boot up as I get nothing out of the ASUS graphics card ports.

I am able to boot into Windows XP with the motherboard VGA connected.

I can then attempt to install graphics card drivers for the ASUS card, however once I get half way through the process the screen goes black and I get nothing out of any display ports (both on the motherboard & on the graphics card). It is like the whole system enters "limbo"!

It doesn't seem to matter if I perform the automated ASUS drivers install, by double clicking setup on the disk, or if I go the manual way, by attempting a drivers update through "Device Manager".

If anybody has any suggestions on how I can successfully install the graphics card drivers they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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  1. Re-seat the graphics card and make sure it is connected to the power supply. Download the latest drivers off the Nvidia website and use those instead. Make sure that only the graphics card is connected to the monitor. Re-boot the computer and then install the drivers you downloaded from Nvidia by double clicking the file.

    You should also see if there is an updated Bios for your motherboard; version 1.0A seems like an original that could be updated.
  2. Hey mate,

    Thanks for your response; ultimately I just used two monitors (one plugged into the M/B & one plugged into the graphics card) in order to perform the configuration.

    I think that ECS motherboards (which feature onboard VGA) don't play very well with add on graphics cards. Even though I have the system up and running the monitor only becomes active once XP loads (e.g.: I don't see the BIOS boot screens, etc).


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