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Ever since UT2004 came out, I've been struggling with a way to get a
decent benchmark so I can tweak my system for best performance. I saw
where some folks had ported some of the UT2003 benchmarks over, but
flyby's and botmatches don't do the job for me... I wanted some actual
gameplay action. In addition, none of those 2003 ports address
Onslaught, and that (plus Assault) is where the big performance issues
come into play. So, I have been trying to do benchmarks using a
recorded demo. I wanted to get all the nice CSV's and stuff that the
normal UT2004 benchmarks routines generate, but I just could never
figure out how to do that with a recorded demo.

I finally figured out how to at least get a decent average using a
recorded demo, and it's actually quite simple. All you have to do is
get to the UT2004 menu, bring down the console using the ~ key, and
then type in:

demoplay nameofdemo?timedemo

The demo must exist in the UT2004/Demos directory. The demo will play
back as fast as your machine can render it, then if you bring down the
console again it will show you your average framerate. Not a wealth
of info, but certainly good enough for tweaking purposes.

So, I made a demo of a node battle in Dria while in God mode with
lot's of explosions and what have you. There's enough action going on
to put a decent stress on a machine. While I had been averaging in
the low 40's in general Onslaught play, I got just a tad over 30 in
this demo.

After quite a bit of tweaking, I found the two parameters that
contribute the most to performance. Oddly enough, color depth and
resolution had virtually no impact on performance in my case, and I've
read the same comments from others. The two things that *do* have an
impact are World Detail and Projectors. Those two settings alone
account for a 25% difference in performance. Quite interesting.

If anyone is interested, I posted the demo to
alt.binaries.games.unreal. Just put it in your Demos directory and
follow the instructions above. I would be interested in seeing how
other people's rigs do and if they see the same performance hit with
World Detail and Projectors, and also if they see virtually no change
with any other graphical setting.

My specs:

P4 2.53 on I845G based mobo
GF4 Ti4400
512MB memory
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.unreal.tournament2003 (More info?)

    Folk enlightened us with:
    > Ever since UT2004 came out, I've been struggling with a way to get a
    > decent benchmark so I can tweak my system for best performance.



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