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I am an older American but can usually follow instructions, I have a Pavillion Desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and Comcast internet service. I recently bought a Presario laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. Bought a Netgear basic router. Connected router to my Motorola modem, desktop to router, ran the setups and both computers are running fine with internet access, desktop wired and laptop wireless. I created an SSID network name and a password for the router, and the laptop is set for Homegroup and I have a password with it. The desktop information says 'Workgroup'.
How difficult is it going to be to complete this network, i.e. recognize the laptop from the desktop and vice-versa and copy or transfer a limited number of files, documents? Do I need a USB flashdrive for the desktop or any other hardware and will a Wizard do most of this for me? Would it be less headache just to put a few files on disk and insert it into the laptop? Thanks for any input.
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  1. You CAN'T USE THE HOMEGROUP,settings you have to change the windows 7 back to workgroup or you won't be able to share files between the 2!
  2. In your network and sharing settings you need to leave the homegroup , because vista does not recognize this!
  3. ok I begin now tks
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  6. windows 7 (laptop) is now a workgroup. Checking network connections I can see the router on each computer but not the other computer, Desktop is connected to Network 7 and laptop is connected to name for my wireless network, What to do? Do I go to router to enable something?
  7. make sure network discovery is enabled on the computers in the network
  8. this is in the network and sharing center
  9. Discovery is enabled, but HP tells me I need a wireless adapter for my Desktop. Is that right?
  10. Does your desktop still have the ethernet plugged into it!
  11. Also, you might want to go into control panel>administration tools>services and make sure at least one is running the computer browser service.

    Even if they're in different workgroups or not registered w/ a master browser they can be accessed by going into "My Computer" and typing \\computer-ip-address. Also, firewalls can block the other computers from registering with the master browser.

    IMO, Netbios is clunky and has been since it's inception... I lol at the way Netbios name registration works more smoothly in OS X and SAMBA than Windows.
  12. Yes, ethernet still plugged to desktop from router. I guess what I don't understand is whether the router acts like an interface between the desktop and the wireless or just routes the internet to each.
  13. i'm at work,i'll be on later
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