OS dissapeared from HDD?

I had to send in my HP Envy M6 laptop to be repaired due to a faulty part. Before I shipped it I took out the hard drive (which had Windows 8) so I could continue to work on my papers and projects for school. I mounted it in a borrowed tower that had Windows 7 and used my hard drive as essentially an external hard drive. I get my laptop back with the part repaired and I proceed to mount my hard drive back into it and start it up and I get a message saying that there is no boot device found. I have gone into bios and rearranged the boot order, which didn't help, and then I did a few tests on the hard drive and it passed all of them. I then tried seeing if I could do a system restore and all of my files, games, etc were all listed, but when I tried to complete the recovery and restart the computer I was given the same message saying that there is no boot device found. So I guess my question is where the hell did my operating system go and how do I get it back?

I should also note I mounted a hard drive with windows 7 in the laptop and that worked fine, so I know it's not the motherboard or anything. I would stick with it, but it has no drivers and HP doesn't over Windows 7 drivers for my laptop model for some odd reason.
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  1. hello... does your laptop recognized the exact model of your hardrive ... by name? is it a SSD? how is your bios' set up for hardrive communication IDE, raid, ahci... could be the communication protocol?
  2. It has to be a setting in the bios as IronSounds said.
    It is either something that you are missing in the boot order, or they changed the hard drive mode as IronSaid.
  3. one other thing could be that boot record got corrupted when you put it into the other pc.
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