Which mobo with my 1100t...

i have an ASUS M4A87TD that i have that i thought about using with it, but now i am debating on whether or not to get a newer one that is AM3+ and uses a 990FX chipset.... something like this:


so i am not really sure what i should get... i am not sure if the msi mobo has something like ASUS's Turbo key and core unlocker.... idk, can i get some opinions???
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  1. for the latest AM3+ motherboard and everything is using Tehnology UEFI BIOS, so not hard difficult Oc through the old bios, I've got TA890GXE still want to upgrade to a 990x anyway, but still waiting for the release of a bulldozer that review the ability of AM3 mobo will look 990x mainly price and performance.
    patient should first AM3+ mobo capabilities will be different if it had been taking Bulldozer. just suggestion
  2. There isn't a real advantage going to an AM3+ mobo unless you plan to upgrade to an AM3+ CPU in the future. My preference based on personal experience would be Gigabyte, then MSI but either should serve you well. Both have overclocking features in the BIOS.
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