Need help buying an external harddrive

I'm debating between WD's MyBook Essential and Seagate's Expansion lines, but I can't decide in terms of reliability, especially between 1 TB and 2 TB models.

I'm leaning towards WD because I used to have two internal hard drives from WD but failed since I was being too hard on them, but I still wanna try buying a Seagate since I consider my first hard drive to be the one I'm still using for my OS but it's the only Seagate hard drive I've owned used.

I'm going to be using the harddrive in question primarily for media storage, can never have enough anime IMO, and once it comes in the mail I might spend a day or two having it operate nonstop just to dump things into without ever touching those files again.
If I do get a 2 TB, I'm making a partition for periodic backups of my OS.

Concerning the software they might come with, I don't care too much for them since they will be inevitably erased from the moment it connects to my laptop. Failing that preventing them from appearing with a drive letter

I'm buying off of amazon since I prefer keeping things in one package and the free shipping I'll get.
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    Between Seagate & WD, it's no contest. WD drives are serving me well, I have three of them (external).

    By comparison, I had three Seagate externals before that & they all failed within a year.
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