Intel DG41RQ & DDR3 graphics card

hi.. i wanted to ask a direct question. Does Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ support DDR3 graphics card or not?

i was checking on intel's website, (link)

and also did some searching on google, couldn't find the answer to my question.

your help will be appreciated. thanks
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  1. Yes you are fine. Graphics card memory is not directy controlled by the motherbaord or the CPU, but a controller built in to the graphics card. While your board supports only DDR2 system memory, the graphics card can itself support up to GDDR5.

    Now your board's PCI-e x 16 slot is 1.1 specification. Its an older standard, but most of the video cards on the market will be backwards compatible. Some video cards do require a 2.0 or higher specification though so make sure that the card you want is backwards compatible with PCI-e x16 1.1 specification.
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