Is my PSU providing enough Amps on the 12V rails?

Hey there,

I am using an NC TOP Power Plus 1000W to power my 5970s in crossfire.

I am running a 7980x1600 (bezel compensated) eyefinity display group.

My query is : Is my PSU providing enough Amps on the 12V rails?

The reason is that after installing Cat 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.7 hotfix, none of my games run. It crashes, locks up or displays a "displayport link failure" message.

Anything up to and including Cat 10.4 has no issues.

Here are my PSU specs (sorry for the Korean):

6 pin and 8 pins are connected as shown:

Someone suggested that the amps on V1, V2 (20A) are different to V3, V4 (36A), therefore causing instability/poor performance/frame rate fluctuations etc.

I would appreciate any advice on this matter.

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  1. If you had no issues with Cat 10.4, then the issue is with the updated drivers themselves or your system in general.

    If you are overclocking then bring your 5970s back down to specs to rule that out.

    PSUs do not care about driver versions. Therefore, not a factor.
  2. Hey there jaguar,

    Thanks for confirming that.

    My cards are at stock speeds and I have made no hardware/software changes since upgrading drivers.

    I just assumed it was the drivers.

    Why do ATI break drivers that were working fine before?

    It took nearly a year to get quadfinity working with Cat 10.7 hotfix drivers. The only problem is that they make games crash.

    Giveth with one hand, taketh with the other. :pfff:

  3. Stay with 10.4, it's the most stable driver for CF setup...
    Anything above that would make issues for CF cards.
  4. Best answer
    I am running 10.5 drivers on my 5970. I do not have an eyefinity setup, but when I went to 10.6 or above I had issues with some games. My frame rate would drop, or be sporadic in Bad Company 2. I reverted to the 10.5 drivers and had no issues.

    As WA1 said, stick with the ones that work. ATI has a new driver release monthly. Sometimes they seem to fix one thing and break another. I usually try the latest drivers, but keep the stable version on hand at all times.

    PS, Your PSU should be just fine with those cards. Crossfire is funny with drivers sometimes. And even more so with the 5970. You have 4 GPU's which will have more issues than most.
  5. Thanks ALL for your responses.

    Much appreciated.
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