Looking to upgrade from GeForce 8500 GT, range 120$-130ish$

I'm looking for a new gpu and only have about 120 - low 130s

I've been thinking about one of these



But i don't know if there is anything better out there for this price, does anyone know if there is anything better and what one i should go with out of them two? I'm just looking to run newer games at fair speeds.

current setup =

CPU1) Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz @ 1973MHz (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P35-DS3R mainboard) (RAM) 4GB, 2.08GB free (HDDs) 1.31TB, 923GB free
• (VGA1) NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT (512MB), 1024x768x32, 60Hz (OS) Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit
also i have an 600w rosewell powersupply if that matters.

any input would be great thanks.
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  1. Nothing? lol
  2. This is $135 after rebate sadly, but it is noticeably faster. $150 is the rice before.


    If not I'd be inclined to get the 5750 due to dx11 and power efficiency. Also is 1024x768 your monitors native resolution.
  3. If you're looking at the GTS250, get this:


    I'm running it at the same res as yours and am more than happy with everything!

    I also agree with anonymousdude above: The 5750 has DX11, while the GTS250 is DX10, so the ATI will help you with upcoming titles. But keep in mind that the 5750 is 128-bit and the GTS250 is 256-bit, which makes it better than the 5750. So you'll need to take a call on how badly you want DX11.

    Also, if you're planning on running at your present res, a 1 gig card won't do justice to the money spent coz the extra 512mb will only be utilized on higher resolutions.
  4. If i was u, id add just 20 more bucks and get 5770, but if your budget is strictly 130 u still got few options:
    1) U can go for 4870, u can still get it here.
    yes this is previous generation videocard, it lacks dx11 support, and not as power efficient as 57xx cards, but dont forget that in terms of performance in most cases it was better than 5770 and gtx260...

    2) there is another good ~$130 option : 5770 512mb, on resolutions up to 1680x1050 this card will perform as good as 1gb version.

    3) as was said above 5750, also very good card, power efficient and dx11 capable, but not as fast as cards above.
  5. Well if i did step up to the 5770 and added the extra 20$ would there be a better card i could get for that price other than the 5770? I kind of perfer NVIDIA, but would the 5770 be my best bet for a 150$ card?
  6. I believe, there is nothing on the market at the moment for ~$150 that is better than 5770. Closest card from nvidia is gtx460 768Mb, and its brilliant but cheapest one right now is $190
  7. 5770 is the best at 150$! Btw i have an E6750 too and i had to Overclock it to get most out of my 5670.. 5770 is like 50-70% better than the 5670 so u'll have to Overclock your processor atleast 40% to fully utilize the 5770. But otherwise, 5770 is awesome.. it has cool temperature, dx11, eyefinity and other small stuff.
  8. ekg84 said:
    I believe, there is nothing on the market at the moment for ~$150 that is better than 5770. Closest card from nvidia is gtx460 768Mb, and its brilliant but cheapest one right now is $190

    I know someone who is willing to sell me this card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130497&cm_re=017-P3-1165-AR-_-14-130-497-_-Product] for 120$ if no one buys it on ebay (selling it for more on there) should i wait and see if no one buys it or just go with the 5770?

    also you're sure there is nothing else better than the 5770 in ati?

    I just want to make sure before i buy it.
  9. GTX 260 is a good card for 120$... But the 5770, which is almost as fast as the 260, has DX11, Eyefinity and lower temps, power consumption in general.

    Since you already have a good PSU, i think the GTX 260 will be good for you.
  10. I d just go for 5770. Its much more power efficient than one u have listed, its dx11 capable, its overclockable, performance is comparable and if u ever decide to get a second one for crossfire - it scales very good, and what is also important - u will have warranty. With XFX it would be lifetime btw. And if u really want to save few bucks just go for 4870 it will cost u~130 brand new, but its my personal opinion.
  11. Absolutely, u r fine with this PSU. Good Luck!
  12. that PSU will easily work with the 5770, and if u ever become more fps hungry, that psu can easily run 2 x 5770s.. ( It has 35A on 12v!! )
  13. OOPS! Dont bother running 2 x 5770s on the Core 2 Duo.. a single 5770 is all that the core 2 duo can run :(
    @ ekg nice rig :)
  14. Thanks a lot , ekg84 and squallypie.

    Great help!!!!
  15. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-460-radeon-hd-5570-gaming,2697-3.html

    HD5750 1GB
    HD4850 1GB
    GTS 250 1GB

    All of these have their pros and cons. HD5750 has DX11 and runs the coolest/quietest. GTS 250 has PHYSX and CUDA support. The HD4850 is the cheapest (not sure if it has any performance advantage, you'd need to check benchmarks.)

    My advice is the HD5750 unless PhysX or CUDA is a must.
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