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Good evening everyone,

This is my first post here as I've just started using Tom's for info regarding my first custom build.

I'm getting the HAF 932 for X-mas and was just trying to figure out if I was going to need any tools at all.

I've seen on the videos I've watched that the E-Cards and drive bays are all toolless but I'm yet to find a single piece of info regarding the STANDOFFS. Are the standoffs for this case snap in that I can do with just my hands or do I need some sort of drill bit to get them in place?
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    Standoff's can be applied and tighten fully by hand, so no special tooling required. You will need no tooling for the case it's self bit will need a tool for applying your heat sink (unless going with the stock push-pin fan) to your motherboard.
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    Also.. Most likely gonna go with the H70 or CoolIt Eco brand self-contained "water coolers". I like the size and capability combo because I intend to get up to 12GB RAM and don't want any heatsinks taking up too much space on the board.
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