HD3650 vs HD4350 vs 9400 GT

What's better... A HD 3650 (AGP), a HD 4350 Silence (PCI) or a 9400 GT (PCI)? I have a very crappy 250W PSU ( thinkin of upgrading) and a Pentium 4 @ 2.00 GHz... Does anyone of these cards run on a 250W PSU or will i have to upgrade that, too? Also, I am thinking of getting a 3.06 GHz P4 for replacement. :kaola:
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  1. Oh, and maybe a HD 4650? Wich one of these cards require the smallest PSU?
  2. so you only have a PCI and a AGP slot? im running a 5570 on my 250w power supply. it might be best for you to upgrade your psu. i think theres a 4670 agp, not sure if it will work on the 250w power supply.
  3. Any cards above will be bottlenecked by your Pent.4, so i would get a cheap HD5570 (low profile card). And 250W PSU should be enough to run HD5570. :)
  4. I'm sorry, i don't read carefully, you only has AGP and PCI slot, right?
    If that so, get that HD3650 AGP version...
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