PCI-E Frequency at Auto.

So i OC'ed my processor about 35% and set the PCI-e Frequency at Auto. I want to check at what speed my intelligent mobo is running it at ( any softwares? tried everest ultimate 5.3 but just cant find the frequency anywhere! )

Just in case, should i set it manually at 100mhz in the bios?
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  1. Auto is fine,but i have seen users setting it too 100 when they OC their CPU.(Because i have read that sometime setting it to Auto may cause instability)
  2. Maziar, can u also mention some softwares that are useful to monitor the frequency @ PCI-e?
  3. I think you can monitor it with some software overclocking tools.
  4. thanks for your help.. just went up the bios and switched it back to 100 mhz...
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