I think my cpu has run its course

Hello, I rebuilt my amd 64 3200+ system and I think the cpu is on its way out it idles at 70c and 117c on a flash video before tripping the temp fault on the motherboard. Everything is running stock speeds and a fresh install, Is the CPU shot? and yes the heatsink is installed properly btw it hits 100+ just sitting in bios and then shuts off.
Alittle history this cpu was installed in 2 previous mobo's which both died and im thinking the cpu was the cause.
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  1. It's completely possible.

    At this point I think its safer to just get a new CPU.

    I should add:
    You probably know this already, but always give the heat-sink and CPU proper cleaning with high-purity alcohol and some kind of lint-free cloth before re-installing and use fresh compound. Always apply it in a manufacturer approved method.
    Just want to rule it out.
  2. Yea im gonna see if anyones selling a 3400+ those are alittle rare to come by that was my original upgrade path then i got screwd when socket 939 came out. Would being overclocked 215mhz core clock with a multiplier of 11 for 4 years cause this? because from my understanding instability is a symptom of a dying cpu and theres no instability, no BSOD's, no write fails, it just started acting like a george forman grill. The prior mobo it was in when it died I took it apart and grabed the HS an burnt the hell out of my hand and now that this is going on im starting to connect dots.
  3. Sorry to hear that.I had a Socket 939 system die on me although I replaced it with a AM2+ mobo and much faster CPU (still used the old Hard Drive and OS (Xp Pro).

    It's probably time for you to upgrade anyways.Why not take a leap and get a newer AM2+ or AM3 mobo with a budget CPU and some cheap DDR2 or 3 RAM.
    It wouldn't cost very much if you can stick to a low budget.
  4. I plan on it, already have a case and a am3 mobo ordered. I just dont like haveing extra hardware go to waste, it has a hd3850(AGP) slaped in it and it did play crysis at one point which I was kinda impressed that it even ran on high settings it just didnt like alot of physics. thought it would make a great media center/ server / game machine if i got the mobo replaced 40 bux wasnt all that bad but I wasnt expecting the george forman grill effect when I turned it on.
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