Is there any review 4x4 kit ram ddr3

hellow im lookin 4x4 kit ram ddr3, my mobo is p8h67-v

prob is

1. some memory finder at ram manufacture not listing my mobos, which confusing compability
2. some ram manufacture listing but only got 4x2 kit and said "virtualy can be upgrade as 16 gb using same kit" , so far i know 4x4 kit always be good << is it correct?
3. i found that my motherboard manufacture have list RAM , but when i check to RAM manufacture they did not testing it yet? they just test for older chipset , so which one should i keep in "word"
4. if they listing it compatible with chipset h67/p67/z68 without spesific motherboard list is that good news (universal worked??)

well i hope in future tom hardware have a review benchmark 4x4 kit for mobo h67,p67,z68.

thnx u

PS: if the review are already make can u give me some link to check ?
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  1. 1. They can't test compatibility with all motherboards.
    2. A 4 x 2 kit usually means four 2 GB modules. You can use two 2 x 4 kits for a total of 16 GB, but it's harder to drive 16 GB of memory than it is to drive 8 GB. Therefore you may have to relax timings a bit. A 4 x 4 kit might be better than two 2 x 4 kits if all modules really were tested together.
    3. Asus performed their own tests. What do you mean by older chipset? Revision 3 of the chipset fixes an issue with the SATA controller while the memory controller is on the CPU.
    4. It should be, but it's better when a kit is tested to be compatible with your (or a very similar) motherboard.
  2. 3, yes i found geil 4x4 kit QVL in asus, but after i see the list at geill website just compatible with h55 or p55, and becuz its old ram then i figuring out hard to find it. event with special order i havent got info of the prices. or maybe they discontiuned the product.

    4. thats good news if similiar motherboard would be compatible.

    one more question ,moderator at asus web ask me to check crucial product, i m using memory finder, i found wide ranges speed ddr3 ram from 1066,1333,1600>>2000, it really confusing me since i read lot peoples said h67 stuck at ram 1333 speed. <<< is correct or not?

    does is it worthed using higher than 1333 ram that crucial offer as compability ram , since i know theres an issue stability and of course the prices that higher than 1333?

    thnx u so much
  3. I doubt that you could run 16 GB at 1600 MHz on H67 and Asus didn't bother to test any 1600 MHz modules on your motherboard. On the other hand, you'd need benchmarks to measure the performance difference between 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz. Timings also are important, i.e., a 1333 kit at CAS Latency 7 is probably as fast as a 1600 kit at CL 9. You don't need 16 GB for gaming; therefore you'll be using that system for other tasks requiring lots of RAM.

    The following should work (it's on the QVL for 4 DIMM):

    2 x G.SKILL F3-10666CL7D-8GBRH You need to use the XMP profile, but it's quite fast at 7-7-7-21 timings.

    Geil GET316GB1333C9QC should work, but it's hard to find.

    I wouldn't pay premium for 1600 MHz unless you really need the extra performance.
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