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Replacing internal CD/DVD with Hard Drive

December 30, 2012 10:37:12 AM


I own Dell XPS laptop 1340 and I have decided to purchase this Hard Drive from Samsung:

SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD256BW 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
Link to it is here:

My Dell XPS alreaedy has 2.5'' - 128 GB Samsung SSD Drive which is about 4 years old and working fine. I am replacing it because the new SSD Drive offers more space. I plan to use curren SSD Drive and secondary Drive in the laptop.

My question is:

1) My internal CD/DVD has stopped working and I don't need it. I want to take it out and put SSD Drive into that slot. In laptops, does internal CD.DVD drive use the same hookup interface to motherboard as 2.5'' inch drives.

I tried opening the case but it is so burried under another metal board I can't see it. And my laptop is over 3 years old and out of Dell Warranty so, Dell doesn't want to answer any questions.

Thank you!