Real Help Needed,Tough Choices Which To Select

Real Help Needed,Tough Choices Which To Select
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Please Compare the First Two Laptops And Then The Second Two(second Two Not Important,Too Costly For My Budget)
First,Lets Compare The First Two,(I seriously Consider These Because Of Budget Problem)
The Intel Processor is 2% Faster According to PassMark Software - CPU Benchmark Charts.
But The AMD Laptop Has 3 GB Ram And 1 GB Graphics While the Intel Laptop Has 2 GB Ram and 512 MB Graphics
Now Tell Which is Worth Buying And Which Is Faster
Also,Dont say me HD 5470 Supports DX11 And HD 550v is Limited DX10.
HD 5470 Is Lot Slower Than HD 550v Even In DX10.Its DX11 Performance Looks Stupidly Bad.
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  1. what will you use it for?
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    Memory can be upgraded at your leisure.. This is not the case though with the video card and especially the processor.. I'll recommend the fourth one (easy choice I know) since it has a better processor and a good price considering the hardware.. So look forward towards assembling some more cash and go for it..
  3. I look only the first two laptop,i won't be able to upgrade because of budget problem
    The intel powered laptop is about 2% faster than the AMD one in terms of processor benchmarks
    But considering processor along with 2GB RAM+HD5470(512 mb graphics) VS 3GB RAM+HD550v(1 GB graphics)
    Also note that HD 550v is miles ahead in terms of speed
    I don't hd 5470's DX11 Support(as it has very poor speed in DX11)
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