So I am looking into building a hackintosh for my friend. Can you use any PC components or do they have to be specialized. If anyone has suggestions for a build I would love to hear them.
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  1. You have to match the mobo/CPU/GPU pretty well, hard drive/case/PSU/ram can be the same typically.

    What's the budget?
  2. prob around $1200
  3. And does that include a copy of OSX, monitor, keyboard? What will it be used for?
  4. doesnt need mouse, keyboard, or monitor. Mainly for photo editing (photoshop, aperture) but he wants to be able to run that along with apple tv and other programs at the same time
  5. Hmmm, do you live by microcenter?
  6. about an hour away (could i use newegg)
  7. Yeah, it's just microcenter often has crazy deals on Intel CPUs, for example, the i7-930 (285 on Newegg) is available for 200 in store at MC. i7-870 can be had for ~220.

    Depends on where you go with the build, but something to consider.
  8. nice...any tips on a mb/gpu to go with the i7
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