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Hello guys, new to this forum- hope you guys can help a rookie (hopefully soon to be a little more than a rookie) out.

I have USB ports in the front of my PC (I also have some extra custom added USB ports that work exactly like the front ones):
-They DO work once Windows has started
-They DON'T work during boot up

I have USB ports in the back of my PC (Connected to the motherboard, I think):
-They DO work in Windows
-They DO work during boot up
*However, as of yesterday, they don't work AT ALL. Even when I plug in a regular USB stick after Windows has started up, there's absolutely nothing.*
This 'If you quickly and repeatedly insert and remove a USB device, the USB port may stop responding. When the port is in this state, it no longer recognizes any USB device, and the USB device will not work.' is exactly what happened, I unplugged my keyboard and plugged in a USB stick, after which I again replugged that keyboard. (USB stick didn't work either.)

However, method 1 method 2 and method 3 do NOT work. I've uninstalled all the Host Controllers and let them reinstall, I've looked for hardware changes, restarted my PC several times, I even ran the lazy 'fix it for me'-program that is available on that site. I also already went into regedit and executed the DisableSelectiveSuspend trick. Didn't work either. The PS/2 ports (learned another word today!) aren't responding either- EDIT: With this I mean that I plugged my USB keyboard into one of those USB -> PS/2 converters and plugged that in).

Been going at this for several hours now. As you might imagine, I am not entertained. The window to my left is slowly looking more and more like a goal and my PC like a bal. (j/k, seriously though, having no progress at all is kind of bothersome.)

EDIT: The reason why I need this is get into the BIOS.

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  1. Hi Milo

    I would start by unplugging all additional usb ports and everything connected via usb.
    Uninstall all usb devices in device manager.
    Reboot and let Windows find onboard usb devices only and re-try
  2. I already did this when troubleshooting myself, it all went well but sadly the problem wasn't fixed. Now, I decided to buy a PS/2 keyboard- a bit of a workaround to get to the BIOS like that, but now that doesn't work either.

    It's a cheap one (It DOES work with Vista- says so on the box. To be specific "Designed for Windows XP" "Works with Windows Vista".) - It has no software (Confirmed on their site). I followed the basic instructions of turn computer off - plug in the keyboard - turn computer on. No response yet.

    Edit: Could it be that my motherboard is just ****ed? Anyway to make sure?

    Murphy's law bloody adores me.
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