Palit GTS 250 E-Green and Inno3d GTS 250 Green restarts my computer

Ok, first off, I wanted to play SC2. Haven't played any game since WC3. As it turns out, my 7600GT kept restarting eventhough it should work with the game. Then I found out from the net that it just won't do. Driver problems or something. So I bought a Palit GTS 250 E-Green 4 days ago. This card should work like magic. It didn't. I could only play when every video settings were set to "Low" until mission 4 (perhaps 5 hrs or so have passed). Other settings and further missions just kept restarting my computer. I tested it with FurMark. Boom! It restarts again. I could only use it for watching video and office work.

I had the card replaced with an Inno3d GTS 250 Green today. The retail store people tested it on FurMark. Worked but there was some noise they believed coming from my old processor or its fan but thought its not that big of a deal. With this knowledge, I set the game video settings to medium to be on the safe side. I didn't hear that weird noise anyways. After two hours of playing, it suddenly restarts (and corrupted my savegame >_< ). Then it got worst. Now, I can't even watch a freaking video past 2 minutes. What the?

Now my question is. Am I this unlucky with defective cards? Or... something wrong with my computer which is somewhat jurassic. I'm still using an E4300 processor on a MSI P43-F NEO mobo with 2 Kingstone 2GB DDR2 667 memory powered by a HEC 750W powersupply. Perhaps my mobo can't use it?
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  1. Have you checked the temperatures?
  2. Yes, with V-tune.

    For Palit, when I'm not playing but regular watching video and stuffs, its ranging from max 47. When I'm playing, max of 52. Mostly at 51.

    For Inno3D, when not playing, 49 to 50. During play, max 53.
  3. In all probability, you were unlucky with defective cards.
  4. FYI. I've made a mistake, my old 7600GT doesn't restart my computer. It freezes the whole screen although the sound still works and background processing seems to be doing whatever stuff they should be doing.... It's a typical problem with the card on Win7 on SC2
  5. Forget my previous post but do you run only SC2?The game is still in beta stage and there are lots of problems with it.
  6. Sucks to be this unlucky... unless, is it possible, the mobo or psu giving out on power cards like that?
  7. Ah so far, SC2 is the only game I'm playing. But I don't think you can blame SC2. See, I can't watch videos with the Inno3D anymore after the first restart. I think it has defective memory or something.

    Funny thing is, I was able to play SC2 on my laptop even more jurassic than this setup. Lenovo Y410.

    So far back then with the 7600GT, my bro was able to play Battle for Middle Earth. But like SC2, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Left 4 Dead, Sins of a Solar Empire, they all froze like hell. But them games all worked on my low end Lenovo Y410. Psshhh!!!
  8. you need to change your power suply for this i have the same experience
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