I cant install 2 Gfx cards

im planning to use my pc to stream to 4 monitors..

i have Geforce nvidia 6200 PCI-EXPRESS installed on my pc..
i bought Geforce nvidia 8400gs PCI (Not express) ...

When ever i try to install my drivers for the 8400 from the Disc came with, i see that my 6200 getting same driver some how...
so i did reinstall the drivers Again for the 8400 , but i get a yellow ( ! ) in my hardware devices list , means it doesnt work ..

i just cant get them work 2gether ... could it be that both cards get the same Driver files name ?!
notice that i tried the driver file it self without the Nvidia control panel ..

any idea what to do ? do i have to install old drivers for the 6200 and then 8400 ?

and as i see both cards has the same drivers from nvidia website ... thats bad i guess :X, right ?

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  1. Running four monitors on such weak cards is not a wise thing to do, but all NVIDIA cards from 6000 series use the same drivers.
  2. it does work , belive me , i tried to run 4 monitors with 1 6200 card and 5200 ...
    but the 5200 got fried :X
    so i bought the 8400gs ..
    but i cant manage to let them work 2gether ..

    again , any idea wt could be the problem that i get yellow ! ?
  3. so , any idea guys ?
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