Please help me with this urgent memory failure

hey, today my pc would not boot up, it gave very long beeps and the gpu fan was spinning very fast .

So i took out one ram module : then it booted , then i reinserted the other module ,bam , no boot up and same thing .

ram = 2 modules of apacer 2gb ram


slot 1 + ram stick 1 = normal boot up
slot 2 + ram stick 1 = normal boot up

any config involving memstick 2 = no boot up and long beep + fast spinning gpu fan

Is stick 2 broken , By the way i noticed greenish screen flickering in games , when i rebooted after the flickering, this happened .

Any help will do and thank you in advance .

specs :

core 2 quad 2.3
nvidia gt220
4gb ddr2 apacer ram
32 bit vista home premium
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  1. Try cleaning the contacts on your memory modules first with a cotton bud.

    Sounds like module 2 could be on the way out, try increasing the memory voltage in the bios, this could help.

    Find out what the default memory voltage is then increase by minimul steps to see if it helps.
  2. Thats a pretty obvious indication that stick two is your issue. Make sure your timings and voltages are set properly in BIOS, dont leave them on Auto set them manually. Once you do that, if it still wont boot up with stick 2 i would RMA it.
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