USB 3.0 vl800 very, very slow read, but write OK


I have tested my USB3.0 harddrive with USB3.0 PCI card of VIA technologies (VL801 I think it is), using original blue USB 3.0 cable 1m long. test app, HD Tune 500 pro (trial)..

Very odd, but write speed is what I should expect on my system, about 105Mb/sec, but READ speed is so slow, I cant even see on the graph how slow it is, much less then 5Mb/ some point HD Tune, even encountered an error and aborted the test. With this ultra slow read speed it is impossible to watch a stored DVD movie or recorded TV show... its more like a slide show then..

Even more strange is that when I place the same drive on a standard USB 2.0 (integrated on the mobo) everything works normal.. I have searched everything, but cant figure out what is blocking the read speed on my USB3.0 PCI card.

Tested also with another external USB drive (USB 2.0) but same thing, so I think something is wrong with the USB3.0 card

Not other devices were on the USB3.0 card during the test.

HTPC, Abit fatality I90HD mobo
AMD Radeon HD6570
Duo Core E6600, 2.4 Ghz (standard, no overclocking)
USB3.0 drive: SAMSUNG_HD204UI in a USB3.0 casing
USB3.0 PCI Card: VIA USB eXtensible Host Controller (VIA USB3.0 VI800, 801) driver version 1.90 (last version from the official Via technologies website)
Windows 8 Pro
Computer security software, F-Secure

Any help to bring USB3.0 read speeds to normal values is much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. No one who can help me?? please?.. Thanks!
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