NVidia n8400GS boot problems


a friend drops by and complains about his PC being broken - suspects it's the graphics card.
Anyway he's right, i try an old 6600GT and windows boots up nicely again - no problems.

I tell him all you need is a new (cheap) PCIe x16 card, he goes out and buys one (n8400GS).
After putting the new GPU in place, I get one long and 2-3 very short beeps from the MoBo
(probably 2 since its the GPU). No boot, doesn't power down, nothing on monitor.

Checked everything, eventually after trying few more times I return to the 6600GT config that was working,
i get the same thing without the beeps.
I reset CMOS and hey presto: it boots everything is OK again.

I go back to the n8400, get the beeps again and no boot. I decide to reset CMOS again
and try out the n8400GS that way: beeps and no boot..again.

Now here's the tricky part. His system is an aweful supermarkt PC (Medion Aldi for you europeans):
-it runs win XP
-1G Ram
-motherboard is some special edition of an MSI motherboard that was specifically made for this PC (i could give you serial
numer but you'd only end up on pages about this particular machine).
-Intel CPU
-other hardware config is pretty normal

Since the MSI 6600GT works fine i'd find it hard to believe that the PSU could be too weak to run this cheap-ass
n8400, so i'm really at a loss what could be the problem. Could it just simply be an incompatibily problem due to the
computer's lousy hardware? I find that hard to believe.

Anyway any help of pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated !

PS: I'm very aware that I'm not giving enough hardware details but apart from the fact that i know for sure
that the specifics wouldn't help you much, i don't have much time
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  1. It could be a defective 8400 GS.
  2. Tamz_msc said:
    It could be a defective 8400 GS.

    Thank you, now i feel like an idiot for not checking that out first :).

    It works on another system though (an older system i took the GT6600 from to replace the busted GPU temporarily),
    although i do get some complaints from the MoBo at startup about CMOS checksum failure, but it just had to reset some
    BIOS settings that were not default i guess. Anyway the system boots up at least (i haven't installed any drivers yet nor will
    i test that out on - I presume the card is OK and that the problem is related to the other system..somehow)
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