Switching from 512mb ram to 1gb

I have an issue where I can put a 512mb ddr2 and and 1gb ddr2 in my slots but the computer won't start up if I have 1gb ddr2 or 2gb ddr2 on emachines w3507
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  1. The maximum supported memory is DDR2-533 1 GB modules. The 2 GB module definitely isn't compatible.
  2. not a single ddr2 2g but 2 ddr2 1g in each slot someone was saying it might be in the bios or that the 1g may not be registered and that is why the 512mb has to be in in order for the computer to start up
  3. What is the make and part number of the 1 GB modules? I presume that you probably bought a DDR2-800 kit which won't work.
  4. 1gb ddr2 pc2-3200
  5. This is all the information I got from where I purchased the ram
    1GB DDR2 PC2-3200
    Desktop Memory
    400Mhz (Not Overclock)
    128Mx64 Low Density
    240 Pins
    Unbuffered, Non-ECC, Non-Registered
    CL 4
    Dual Channel
    Lifetime Warranty
    Best Quality Chipset
    Brand New in Antistatic Bag
    Compatible with 99.9% of the motherboards. It is not regular DDR memory. It is DDR2 PC2-3200. Make sure your computer is using DDR2 type memory. Unlike DDR (184-Pin), it has 240 Pins. Please check your Pc's manual.

    Our modules are fully tested to be compatible to most major brand PCs and OEM motherboards. We use highest quality memory available in the market and each individual is packed in antistatic bag. This module is not for Apples Mac Machine since we haven't tested it yet and cannot be guaranteed.
  6. On paper the modules are compatible, but why did you buy 400 MHz instead of 533 MHz modules?

    Leave the 512 MB and one 1 GB module installed. Then use CPU-Z and report on the Memory tab contents. Then report what the SPD tab displays for each slot that contains a module.
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