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I am on a limited budget for a fast gaming system, <$300.00 I have a G31M3 V2 MSI, model MS-7529, Celeron 430 1.8, 32 bit x86,4gb ram, 3gb physical ram, 6.19 virtual/5.12 available,GeForce 9400gt PnyTech 512mb video, and a HP DVD 1170 litescribe. I believe the 64 bit and 1gb would help. How do I upgrade to 64 bit and would that affect any of the other settings or hardware/software, in general?
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  1. I would look for a used e5200 or e8400 cpu; I've seen the 5200's as low as $40. You have enough ram to use 64 bit windows. You must have the msi "boston" motherboard for an hp or compaq system. I used to own that board.
  2. Is there any chance you could sell your current Computer for $150-200? That would get you enough to build a new fairly decent computer.
  3. Upgrading to 64-bit won't do anything you would notice, besides allow you to run applications made only for 64-bit and increase your limit on RAM (which is 4GBs if you're running 32-bit)
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