Hard drive is only occasionally detected by BIOS

I just got this hard drive:

It is usually not detected properly by the BIOS or Windows.

In the BIOS, it will either
- be correctly detected as "SATA: <name here>"
- be detected as just "PATA:"
- not be detected at all

In Windows, it will either
- display correctly and work fine
- display only in the Disk Manager as an uninitialized disk with an incorrect size (ex. 309 GB, and attempting to initialize it will fail)

When it is detected, it seems to work perfectly fine until I reboot or put the computer to sleep. Upon reboot or waking up the drive is no longer detected. It usually clicks once or twice right when the computer turns on, and sometimes during boot it will get stuck with just a "_" cursor and the drive will continue to click (with a short delay between each click) until it eventually continues.

I've tried different SATA cables and SATA ports. My 600W power supply has two sets of SATA power cables. I have 2 existing hard drives on one, and I have the new hard drive and my DVD drive on the other. I tried removing the dvd drive, and also replacing one of the existing hard drives with the new drive.

Any suggestions?

Also, when NewEgg shipped it, they just threw the antistatic bag containing the hard drive in a box, with NO padding of any kind. If there is a problem with the drive, is my only option to RMA it and pay shipping? Or can I complain to NewEgg for doing a poor job of shipping it?
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    I would just RMA it for being damaged in transit. I like to use the online live chat service. That's always worked well for me. Also, I would let the rep know that the HDD came w/out adequate padding in the box, and that that could be the reason for it having been damaged. You don't want to use an accusatory tone, as you always get better service when you're nice. Remember, the rep is human, just like you.
  2. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    THEN RMA IT......

    All the best Brett :)
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  4. Thanks, I used the chat service and got a free shipping sticker to send it back. The new drive has arrived and seems to be working properly :)
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