PSU Noise/Squealing (Annoying)

I get this annoying noise whenever I hit play on HD Vid (720p/1080p)
Whatever uses GPU power, it starts with it, games, benchmarks, etc.
I've read it could be a defective capacitor and should ask for replacement (has no longer than one week, and does it from day zero)

I can turn on Prime or some other CPU stress tool, and it will stay silent, but GPU :fou:

Is there anything to do apart from replace?
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  1. Is it definately psu and not graphics card noise, can't really see much in your clip.
  2. It's a common problem with many GPUs. What you're hearing is the swan song of an induction coil on your graphics card. Eventually it will probably fail. I've had to replace a GTX 295 after dealing with about a month or so of the squealing.
  3. But I can hear it from the PSU, besides, I've replaced my GPU with my brother's...
    Noise still there
  4. Try stopping the psu fan while its making the noise.

    What psu are you using?
  5. ah the tr2 - its one of thermaltake's crappier series. ive had one go BOOM and kill a p4 (the 430w model though)
  6. those better, yes. except for the extreme power one, be aware that cooler master extreme and elite power are bad, the rest of cm's psus are quite good.
  7. Are you getting a free replacement?
  8. not a free replacement, i get a replacement, and i choose the one i like... doesn't has to be the same model
  9. But your not paying for it, its an exchange??

    What I'm saying is if you are just buying a new psu get a different brand.
  10. Exchange, for another brand
    I can choose btw those CoolerMaster
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